Replacement of soybean cleaning machines

Replacement of soybean cleaning machines. 


The cleaning of soybeans is mainly to remove the dust and impurities in the soybeans.

1, In China, At first, people used small round sieves to select soybeans and manually operated them.And then selected by hands.

2, Later, people began to use small Vibration Screen to clean soybeans.

3,With the development of time, the output of soybean customers has continued to increase, and people have begun to choose larger cleaning machines to clean soybeans. The output of such a soybean cleaning machine ranges from 1 ton per hour to 10 tons per hour. It is called a Soybean Air Screen Cleaner, which mainly removes dust, light impurities, leaves, sticks and separate the soybeans to different sizes of particle.

4,In recent years, more and more soybean screening customers have chosen soybean Cleaning machines with specific gravity function. Such a machine can remove some mildew, insects, and injured particles while removing light impurities, thereby improving the purity of the soybean after cleaning. The machine called Air screen cleaner with gravity table or Compound Cleaner with gravity table.

5,At the same time, the output of the current soybean sorting machine has changed from the original maximum sorting 10 tons to 30 tons, even some cleaning equipment can sort 50-100 tons.